Hip Donation

Are You Having A Hip Replacement?

Donate your femoral head and make a difference.

The Hip or Femoral Head Donation Program allows patients having routine hip replacement surgery to donate their bone. The piece of bone removed during surgery (the femoral head) would normally be discarded, but by donating the this bone, bone grafts can be made which will help up to 4 people with various types of orthopaedic and spinal injuries.

How Can You Make A Difference?

To donate your hip you will need to be between 15 and 90 years old. After blood, bone is the second most commonly transplanted tissue in the world. Your bone will be crafted into life changing “allograft” material, which will help others who need the following types of treatment:

  • Surgery for bone cancers in children and adults
  • Neuro-spinal surgeries
  • Treatment of non-healing fractures
  • Joint replacement and other orthopaedic surgeries
  • Patients with major bone loss
  • Spinal and sports injuries

During the surgical procedure, blood will be taken for routine screening tests. This is similar to when you donate blood. All details provided to us remain 100% confidential. If you have travelled to or spent 6 months or more in a known malaria endemic region, you may be required to undergo further blood tests.


This is a community service, there is no change to your surgery and there are no additional costs to you or the hospital.

How You Can Donate

The decision to become a bone donor or any type of donor is a personal one and you should inform your surgeon of your wishes to donate your hip.


You will need to complete and sign the consent form contained in the link below. A staff member from Australian Tissue Donation Network will contact you to complete a confidential medical and social history questionnaire. They will also provide you with any other information you may require. Completing this information will allow us to arrange for your bone to be collected and stored.


Thank you for giving your time and consideration to making a tissue donation for the benefit of other Australians.