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Organ and Tissue Donation Explained

The major difference between an organ donation and tissue transplantation is the set of conditions required during the removal of the organ or tissue from a deceased donor.

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Australian Tissue Donation Network is proud to work alongside our industry partners in promoting tissue donation.

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Medical Republic Article

One patient’s trash is another’s treasure

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Medical Republic Pod Cast

Tissue from living donors is more hip than you think

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DonateLife Morning Tea – July 2022

Gift of Life Walk 2022

Strength To Give Donor Drive

DonateLife Morning Tea – July 2020

Bone Donation Program – The SAN Hospital

Australia-wide, up to 3,000 orthopaedic and spinal patients requiring bone graft during surgery have benefited thanks to San patients’ donation of femoral heads otherwise discarded during hip replacement surgery.

The San does close to 500 hip surgeries a year and in 2017 more than 100 patients donated their femoral heads making the San one of the largest donors in Australia.

Each donation can be used for various grafts for up to 2-4 patients.

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