You can save up to 100 lives through tissue donation!

Hip Bone Donation

For donors wishing to donate their hip bone during hip replacement surgery.

Placental Donation

For expecting mother’s, who wish to donate their placenta when delivering their baby via a planned caesarian.

Bone Marrow Donation

For those who wish to donate their bone marrow when matched with someone who needs it.

Deceased Donation

For those wishing to donate their tissue from muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments once they have passed away.

Tissue donation is made in two ways, living donation and deceased donation.

Living donation is bone or tissue that is donated during hip replacement surgery, in a planned caesarian or through registering to become a bone marrow donor.

Deceased donation is tissue donated by those who have passed away.

Become a Tissue Donor

You can improve the lives of many people!

Your donation gives hope to many others!

Donors need to be aged between 15 and 90 years old. By donating your bone, you are improving the quality of life of many recipients. Bone is the second most commonly transplanted tissue in the world, after blood. Bone that is generously donated is crafted into life changing “allograft” material, used to heal many in need.

How your bone and tissue donation helps others

Bone Marrow Donation can save a life!

Hip Donation heals up to 4 others

Deceased Donation heals up to 100 lives

Placental Donation heals 100’s of lives

More About Us

What is Tissue Donation?

In Australia the donation of eyes and tissue (soft tissues, bones, skin etc.) makes up the largest portion of donation and transplantation, with a significantly higher number of referrals compared to whole organ referrals. Eye and tissue banks provide significant benefits within the health sector. Your donation of tissue can significantly improve the lives of recipients and in some cases, is lifesaving.

Each year thousands of lives are transformed through receiving donated soft tissue. Bone donated from generous everyday Australians is crafted into much need graft material known as “allografts”. Patients undergoing routine total hip replacement surgery can choose to donate the bone removed during this operation, that would otherwise be disposed of.

About Australian Tissue Donation Network

The Australian Tissue Donation Network is a not-for-profit procurement agency that works to facilitate and increase donations of all types of tissue, throughout Australia. We are working towards having Australian-made, Australian sourced Muskuloskeletal Tissue available to all Australians who are in need.

The Australian Tissue Donation Network’s mission is to change lives through tissue donation and raise awareness and educate everyday Australians about donation.

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